The Salesforce ecosystem continues to grow both in both in the types of roles it encompasses and the number of job opportunities it offers. A big takeaway from Dreamforce this year was that Salesforce views it as their responsibility to help people prepare for and succeed in those roles via the expansion of their learning platform Trailhead.

In 2019 Salesforce helped customers extend that same sentiment to their employees with the release of MyTrailhead.  At Dreamforce Salesforce shared some insights they gained after their own implementation of MyTrailhead and some recent changes to the product.

Implementing MyTrailhead

Internally Salesforce now conducts 70% of their internal training via MyTrailhead and the remaining 30% in face to face formats.  During beta testing of MyTrailhead a Salesforce customer adopted a similar 70/30 model for their employee onboarding process and reported some amazing results:

  • 50% savings in onboarding cost
  • 62% new hire question deflection
  • 75% reduction in onboarding time

An unforeseen result of the trial was the the focus of face to face onboarding shifted away from performing administrative tasks that employees would never need to complete again and toward forging relationships with their coworkers.

If you are already have training materials developed moving them over to MyTrailhead is a fairly straightforward process and that’s a great time to review and update them or creating a roadmap for updating them over time.  If you are just beginning to develop a training program Salesforce recommends allowing 10 days per module for developing, vetting, and approving the content.

Changes to MyTrailhead

In the spirit of making education available to everyone at anytime MyTrailhead will become available in Salesforce Communities.  Now you can share the same educational materials with partners that you do with your sales team, creating a unified educated sales message across channels. Trailhead GO makes on-demand education more true to it’s name than ever, users can complete Salesforce Trailhead modules or your custom MyTrailhead content from anywhere on their mobile devices (iOS only for now).  With these changes a sales rep can review official educational materials from the field on the way to a client site and walk into a meeting with a fresh understanding of what they are selling!
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Max Miller

Max Miller

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