Pause. Clink. Cheers! We’re celebrating! Pacific Point is on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 List for 2020.

The Inc. 5000 List showcases the fastest-growing private companies in America. And we’re number 1262!  Inc. clocked us with a staggering growth rate of 355.5%. Phew! I think we might be breaking a few speed limits (shhh!).

We are so fortunate that in the midst of everything 2020 has brought, our company, Pacific Point, is not only surviving but thriving. We have looked inward, we have reached out, we have pivoted when needed, and we have worked, continuously and voraciously, to grow our business. Receiving recognition for our efforts is amazing. I would say we’re in the clouds about it, but we’re tech people, we LIVE in the cloud.

Reflecting on how we got here, I would have to say it isn’t just how hard we work, but also how we work. I’ve talked about some of these philosophies before, like investing in your people (a.k.a. nurturing Salesforce Unicorns) and investing back into the community through things like the Pledge 1% Movement.

Speaking of investments, I look at how our decisions can be an investment not only for new business but also for our existing business.  Opening new offices in Australia and Singapore as well as expanding our existing presence in Honolulu, Denver and San Francisco, not only expanded our service area, but it also meant that a Pacific Point employee is always at work and ready to help. Understanding that growth and service go hand-in-hand is one philosophy that has enabled our rapid growth.

Another cornerstone of our growth is my philosophy of always staying focused on the customer.  During our current crisis, we listened to our clients and adapted to their changing business needs.  Rather than planning and implementing roadmaps and multi-phased projects, we pivoted to our customers need for quick, yet meaningful, solutions (many times delivered within days and weeks!).

So, if you can indulge a small humble brag… While it is phenomenal to receive this recognition, the real joy is knowing how we got here: on our own two feet with sound business philosophies and an unwavering work ethic. I take great pride in everything we, at Pacific Point, have accomplished, and we will pause for a moment to raise a glass and celebrate ourselves (because we ALL should sometimes), but just for a moment. Tomorrow is only a success if we put in the effort; with our feet on the ground and our heads in the cloud.

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