Dance like no one is watching. Dance like someone special is watching. Dance like a child. Dance like a pro. Whatever you dance like, just dance, dance, dance. Because there is always a reason to dance.

Right now, we’re dancing like maniacs because we made the Inc. 5000 List! But we all groove a little different, jam to a different beat, we bob our heads or we tap our feet. So we wanted to make an inclusive playlist to celebrate our spot on the list: #1262.

The playlist was created by our global team to represent our different cultures and our different tastes. What you find on our list is a bit eclectic. Hopefully everyone finds some old favorites and some brand new jams. The beautiful thing about music is you don’t need to know the words to love the song. It’s a wonderful way to get to know people and to connect and to start a conversation. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, the Pacific Point crew is going to put on repeat “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo to keep us motivated through 2020. Because, like the song says, “It’s about what you doing. It’s about where you going. No matter where you’ve been, let’s go!”


Dance to get it done.

Dance to work it out.

Dance to work it.

Dance to let it go.

Dance to take control.

Dance to concentrate.

Dance to accentuate.

Dance to motivate.

Dance to reactivate.

Dance to celebrate.

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