As we enter day…. umm, 35? 42? 703?… of self-isolation, we may have lost a lot of the camaraderie and team chemistry that used to exist in our now dark (and probably dusty) offices. But that doesn’t mean you have to let your team’s relationships grow dark; pick up your laptop or phone or tablet and dust off your morale with some digital team bonding.

For us at Pacific Point, engineering a good time took a lot of prep work and coordination. We’re a global company with employees here in Hawaii as well as in Australia, Singapore, and the US mainland. We sent special packages out to our employees with a Pacific Point trucker hat and a bottle of wine. (Many thanks to 1813 in Australia as well as Empathy Wines and  Darioush in Napa Valley, CA for making it happen!) Then we put on our hats, poured ourselves a glass, and signed on for some much-needed (re)bonding. It was a great chance to rehash old office jokes, nerd out about shared interests, and generally reconnect with some of the people we’ve been missing. As an added bonus, we strengthened our international bonds that in the past relied on long plane flights to build and maintain. I know logging into a meeting with no agenda can seem daunting for some teams. If that’s a concern for you, sending items for the meeting can help break the ice or have a few non-work topics ready just in case. Once the ball is rolling, your team will remember what it’s like to… well… be a team.

Cheers to everyone who is doing their part in these weird times.

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