When you think of an IT Project Manager, do you think of the person who schedules a bunch of meetings, pesters people on the status of tasks, and does busy work like updating logs and project plans? If so, may I be so bold as to say that you haven’t worked with an IT Project Manager, you worked with a Task Manager given the title of IT Project Manager.

So what’s it like to work with this person, this “IT Project Manager”?

This person knows the business purpose of the project and understands the impact the project has on the organization from all perspectives. This person sets up project governance and is constantly watching for new stakeholder impacts.

This person sets up and defines the project methodology and leads the approach to complete the scope on time and budget factoring in the unique dynamics of the project. This person knows how to reach the end state and lays out the path for the team.

This person knows the project scope like the back of their hand. If something new comes up, this person clarifies that the item is out-of-scope, keeping the team focused. If a decision is made to place focus on an out-of-scope item, this person raises project impact providing full visiblity to stakeholders.

This person raises risks before anyone – technical risks, system integration risks, data related risks, user adoption risks, team risks, vendor risks, and so on. This person is like a momma bear watching over a baby bear and their instincts are so good they can anticipate trouble before anyone.

This person proactively resolves issues and risks and helps drive solutions. This person involves the right people, helps the team come up with options, and tracks the decision through to completion.

This person can communicate well and has methods in place for project transparency. This person is comfortable explaining complex issues, speaking in big picture ways, and diving into low level topics with a variety of audiences.

This person orchestrates all the moving parts of an enterprise system implementation. This person is highly organized and everyone on the team looks to this person for their cues.

When you work with this person, you’ll know, because you won’t be worrying about the project.

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