Dreamforce 2019 left my head packed with images of Codey and Appy bopping about, inspirational quotes and a long list of features that I can’t wait to test.

There were so many exciting big innovations, but for this post, I’m focusing on three features that I wished for as an Admin, that have now come true:

Dynamic Forms

At Dreamforce, Salesforce revealed a feature in the works for creating dynamic layouts in response to the #1 most voted idea posted to the IdeaExchange: make fields, sections or actions display conditionally based on certain criteria.

  • With point and clicks, App Builders can tailor where fields, sections and actions display on a Lightning page, and control who sees what with visibility filters. Users no longer have to see a daunting form with blank fields that are irrelevant for where they are in a process.
  • In Development, anticipated for Winter ‘21, for desktop and mobile.

Mobile Experience – App Launcher

A new Salesforce mobile app debuted in Winter ‘20, introducing Lightning Experience and more customization options for Admins.  In Spring ’20, all active Salesforce mobile users will get automatically upgraded. You can view the list of Spring ‘20 updates. Here are a few of my favorites:

If you haven’t upgraded yet and miss your desktop apps on the road, the new version’s App Launcher will be a game changer for you.

Select a Lightning App from the App Launcher to see the same navigation tabs displayed on your desktop version. (You can still access the navigation items in the Mobile Only app.) Changes to Desktop tabs will sync to your mobile.

In February 2020, Einstein Voice Assistant (Beta) will be available on mobile.  Use this to ask Einstein to update or create records, and log events.

With Spring ‘20, Users on the road can share a record page with a colleague straight from the mobile app – no more sharing snapshots or sending emails.

Emails Threads on Activity Timeline

As Salesforce Admin several years ago, one of the most frequently asked questions by sales reps was, “How do I see my emails as a thread?”, as back and forth emails clogged the activity timeline.  This might seem like a little thing, but the extra time to scroll ‘n click through the timeline to find an email adds up for a Sales Rep with a daily quota.

With Spring ‘20, emails are now grouped on the activity timeline in a single thread, making it easier for Users to keep track of email conversations.

This is a snippet of features learned at Dreamforce, that I could see improving a User’s day to day experience and adoption.  Please feel free to share any comments and additional tips!

Deirdre Li

Deirdre Li

Consultant, Solution Architect

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