When you hear Salesforce Einstein you probably think about Einstein Prediction Builder or Einstein Analytics, but there are a lot of very cool, very powerful Einstein features living in places you might not expect.  Here are some new Einstein features mentioned at Dreamforce this year that I found extra exciting:

Einstein Voice Assistant

If you are as addicted to your digital assistant (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa) as I am you will love this feature. With Einstein Voice Assistant you can create and update records, get summarized report data, or even run meetings using data from your org just by having a casual conversation with Einstein!  An awesome demo of the product included a sales rep wrapping up a meeting with a client and then giving Einstein a quick overview of how the meeting went.  Einstein located the related Account and Contact records updating relevant fields and created follow up tasks for the rep.  Very cool stuff!

Einstein Call Coaching

When used with an integrated calling solution Einstein listens for mentions of competitors, products, and custom terms you define then counts and highlights them in call records.  This data can be used to create dashboards showing which products generate the most support contacts, which competitors your customers are considering, and so much more.  Einstein also saves recordings of these calls and displays them in a graphical interface that highlights where in the course of the call mentions occur.  This allows support supervisors to review their agents’ reactions to those mentions on a call by call basis and provide feedback about how to best handle them.

Einstein Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Imagine opening a record in the Salesforce mobile app, pointing your camera at a document, and populating a record with the text of that document automatically!   Einstein OCR makes that possible and there are two use cases for this that I see on a regular basis.  Do you receive forms from customers containing data that is then manually entered into a Salesforce record? Instead of repetitive entry create a custom object with fields that correspond to the fields on your form and use Einstein OCR to populate them!  If you’ve ever shopped for a business card scanner for Salesforce you know it can be a challenge to find one that is easy to use and performs well, but with built in OCR that could become as easy as pointing a device’s camera at a business card!
For more information about the features I’ve mentioned here and other awesome Einstein features visit: https://www.salesforce.com/products/einstein/features/
Max Miller

Max Miller

Consultant, Solution Architect

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