This socially-distanced holiday season, many of us will miss gathering with family and friends around the yule log or dinner table or holiday movie. Our parties may be virtual, but our love and holiday cheer are not. So, this year more than ever, we will be sending our love (and our gifts) from afar.

Since we know a little bit about being apart together, we asked our global team to share great local businesses in their home cities that can ship gifts to loved ones wherever they are.


Although it’s technically winter, our temperature barely drops. We import our Christmas trees, spend the season at the beach, and won’t rock a Santa suit – too hot! But we’re into the festivities as much as everyone else. Here’s what we’re wrapping up this year:

  • Paiko for beautiful, locally-sourced plants, arrangements, wearable flowers (a floral ring or hair piece? Yes, please!) and plant-themed gift items. What’s more classic to send to loved ones than flowers? This shop’s gorgeous, uniquely Hawaii arrangements bring cheer and joy to any holiday table. And while flower delivery is only available in Honolulu, other wonderful products like local jewelry, soaps, and seed packets can be shipped.
  • Have an eco-friend? Kope Soap hits all the buttons: upcycling, locally sourced, handmade, more than 70% organic, 100% vegan and cruelty free. Their exfoliating soap bar blends upcycled coffee grounds from local cafes with other natural ingredients into a fantastic bar that scrubs off dead skin, leaving your body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Aren’t we all looking to scrub off the old and move into the new this year?
  • If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect gift, browse a multitude of Hawaii vendors and products in the Department of Agriculture’s Hawaii Products Database Search. Pacific Point is proud to have built this site on the Salesforce platform that helps people near and far find Hawaii businesses and their products. You can search for product type and even find vendors and products with certifications that are important to you (like organic or vegan). Many of the vendors ship!



Over 3000 miles away from our HQ, our team in Denver enjoys a picturesque winter wonderland. Bundled up warm around a fire with a hot cup of cocoa (or maybe a hot toddy – we don’t judge), it’s hard to not to feel festive. We’ll be spreading the cheer this year with:

  • For those who don’t know, Denver is a hot bed (or is it a cold bed?) of craft beer. One of our Denver team’s faves is Ratio Beerworks, a local taproom and microbrewery with ties to the punk and indie music scene. Locals can enjoy their grub and brew while those farther afield can rock their swag. The taproom delivers; the swag ships.
  • The folks at Never Summer would probably not fare well in Hawaii (a.k.a. Never Winter), but that’s why they live in Colorado. Never Summer’s state of the art snowboards are handcrafted in Denver and ship domestically to be the envy of any boarder in the country.
  • Rocky Mountain Sunscreen was developed for high altitude skiers but works for outdoor enthusiasts at every altitude – there is even reef safe version called Coral Isles! Designed as a daily moisturizer, this greaseless and very water resistant (80min) sunscreen goes on flawlessly even under make-up. It’s PABA and fragrance free. Ships domestically.



Across the Pacific, our Sydney team celebrates the season in the summertime. Board shorts and sandmen fit the bill more than mittens and snowmen. It’s a very different kind of feel for an Australian holiday season, but gifting is still a must! We’re plotting presents of these local favorites:

  • Sorry Thanks I Love You is basically a gift emporium full of exquisitely curated finds. You can surely find something that exudes the perfect combination of taste and joy. Browse through apparel, accessories, home items, food (Gin Mayo or Christmas Caviar anyone?) and flowers. Perishable items like flowers and cheese only ship domestically, but other items can be shipped internationally.
  • The Shirt Bar is like James Bond retired from spy work, moved to Australia, and opened up shop. The Shirt Bar is part fine menswear shop and part spirited bar. They operate Australia’s longest running shirt factory that is still in operation, producing exceptionally crafted ready-to-order shirts. The truly refined gentleman can go through either the made-to-order service or slide behind the Barangaroo store’s shirt wall into a fantasy world of bespoke tailoring. While there, enjoy a cup of coffee or a specialty whisky. Ships domestically but, unfortunately, international shipping is suspended due to the pandemic.
  • Wine from 1813 Winery. Ok, we’re sensing a bit of a theme… but we do love a festive cup of something to cheers with during the holidays. 1813 has a wine to suit most any palette: from whites to reds to rosé and even a little bubbly for a special celebration (to be fair, we’re happy to celebrate tree trimming, sending holiday cards, Tuesdays, 6pm…). Sadly, they don’t ship internationally, but they do ship to lucky wine lovers in Australia.

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