Full-Service Salesforce Consulting.

Comprehensive services to deliver a complete solution.

How we help.


We help clients just starting their Salesforce journey from very small to large highly integrated projects. Our consultants not only implement Salesforce, but advise clients through the process to ensure high user adoption and a focused path on achieving business objectives.





We've heard the challenges from our clients who've had changing Salesforce business owners and Administrators through the years.  For these clients we help redesign their Salesforce applications, upgrade them to the Salesforce Lightning Experience, and / or optimize specific functional areas in need of a health check. 




Our support model is the most flexible support model on the market. Clients may need additional capacity on their team, architecture review and best practice advice, or complex development assistance. Our Customer Support Community Portal is available 24x7.



Pacific Point Services.

Business Process Definition and Reengineering

Pacific Point’s standard project methodology is based on process-driven requirements gathering and is what we have found to be the most effective way to capture requirements and support effective training and change management. In this model, we gather your current-state business processes and define more streamlined future-state business process incorporating CRM and Salesforce best practices.

Solution Architecture and Development

The foundation of success from a technical perspective is that the data model accurately reflects the business process and the solution automation is architected based on Salesforce best practices. Pacific Point Solution Architects and Technical Architects will evaluate your business from a technical lens to architect the solution with the needed mix of configuration and code. Our skilled Salesforce Developers then take on these architected tasks including declarative programing with Salesforce configuration, apex development, and Lightning Component development.

System Integration

Pacific Point approaches system integration design based on your business needs assisting on the frequency, users information or automation needs. We’ve designed and built highly complex integrations for many of our clients leveraging a wide range of tools including REST APIs, open-source products like Talend, and in some cases, clients have identified their enterprise integration tool standards that we use to build integrations, such as Mulesoft or Informatica.

Data Migration

It is not uncommon that our clients are transitioning from legacy system(s) to Salesforce and need to migrate data. Pacific Point not only does straight-forward data loads such as Accounts and Contacts, but also highly volumes of relational data and file loads to ensure that our client’s users can be highly productive as they make the switch from legacy systems to Salesforce without missing a beat.

Training and Change Management

Training and Change Management are the keys to ensure high user adoption of Salesforce. Pacific Point offers Train-the-Trainer as well as End-User Training.  Depending on our clients needs, we provide training in a range of formats and methods to each of the job functions impacted by the implementation.