This Spring I was asked to join a new super user tech group with two key purposes: advancing economic development through industry diversity, and supporting job creation and high wage-earning capacity for Hawaii Residents. In general, Hawaii is perceived as a late adopter of technology and is faced with unique resource challenges.  Pacific Point is all about helping businesses and organizations leverage innovation and technology, specifically on the Salesforce platform, to enable growth and efficiency, so I was really interested in jumping in as a committee member. I must admit, I had lots of questions on how it would all play out!

The Committee met in May and in just a few short months has an impressive and growing list of commercial and government leaders.  The details are starting to take shape too!  First off, we have a name – Technology Readiness User Evaluation (TRUE) Initiative.  Secondly, the committee is identifying Use Cases that are valuable for our members, both public and private sector organizations.  From there, the collaboration really begins as we put our “heads together” and “hands to keyboard” to start working on these Use Cases.  By completing these Use Cases, we will have valuable resources to offer for our community with an added benefit; the hands-on time will create opportunities for people to develop existing technical skills, learn new technical skills, and expand knowledge sharing of software tools, like Salesforce, that can enable businesses. Lastly, we have a physical space where we can work together: the Entrepreneurs Sandbox located in Kaka’ako.

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more! I’ll be sharing on this blog and on social as things continue to evolve.

PS: The TRUE Initiative is part of a larger effort called the CHANGE Framework created by the Hawaii Community Foundation.

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